The Pawn Brunch: Delicious dishes on the balcony of a Hong Kong heritage building

I’m always on the hunt for a good brunch spot in Hong Kong and had recently heard good things about The Pawn. Having only been there previously for drinks, I jumped on the opportunity to head into Wan Chai for a long, lazy Saturday of eating and drinking. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of buffets where you’re constantly interrupting conversation to fill your plate up with mediocre food, then The Pawn brunch is a great option. The starters and dessert are brought to the table as sharing plates and each guest chooses their own main course. Throw in some fab balcony seating vibes and bottomless Moet & Chandon, and you’ve got yourself one fantastic brunch.

Vibe at The Pawn Brunch

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial

For those that have never been, The Pawn is situated in a heritage building in Wan Chai overlooking Johnston Road. The building is incredibly charming itself, and when coupled with the restaurant’s minimalist-modern decor, the whole area gives off a rustic yet contemporary vibe. If possible, try to snag a table on the balcony; the natural light, the hustle and bustle from the streets below, and the airy breeze certainly heightened my overall experience.


Starters for sharing

We began our boozy brunch with a glass of Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose (life doesn’t get much better on a Saturday afternoon). I also tried the banana and oat smoothie in an attempt to be healthy, but it tasted off. Thankfully, the mango lassi that I ordered instead was much better.

Shortly after our drinks were served, the sharing starters came out. On one plate we had two slices of french toast with a blackberry caramel sauce and vanilla blackberry mascarpone. I’m not sure I would classify this as french toast, which is not to say I didn’t like it, but it had a very light, fluffy consistency, whereas most french toast I’m used to is quite dense. The sauce and mascarpone blended well together, adding the right amount sugary sweetness to the dish.

The brunch board consisted of housemade ricotta with balsamic, crushed avocado on toast that was surprisingly spicy, spinach salad that tasted great with the crab meat spread, grilled vegetables, and french fries. I thought it was an odd mix of starters, but each sharing dish was delicious, so I can’t really complain.


The minute steak, hash browns, and fried egg made for a very Instagram-worthy dish. Cooked to a perfect pink center, this dish was satisfying yet light. In trying to be somewhat healthy, I ordered the sweet corn pancake with grilled avocado. The pancake was thick and quite light with plenty of sweetcorn throughout. I liked the pancake, though I wish the flavor was more pronounced.


Pudding platter

For dessert, the menu said “unlimited refills for puds platter”, so here I was being all un-British expecting a platter of different types of pudding. You know, the kind of pudding you dip a spoon into and out comes a dollop of creamy, smooth, and sweet deliciousness. Totally wrong. Much to my surprise, pudding is just another word for dessert in the UK. On our pudding platter there was creme brulee, a chocolate tart, white chocolate with matcha mousse, a buttercream cupcake, and a treacle tart. My favorites were the creme brulee and the white chocolate with matcha mousse. As for the other three, I really wasn’t crazy about them. The selection of desserts at The Pawn brunch change regularly, so you can expect something different each time you go.


The Pawn brunch offers chilled vibes, a great setting (make sure you get a seat on the balcony), and a wide variety of options for food and drink. I left brunch feeling satisfied without being sickeningly full (as I so often do because I have no self control). Whether you’re with a small or large group, I would definitely recommend paying a visit to The Pawn for brunch.

The Pawn Brunch Options

Set 1: Sharing starters, one main, unlimited dessert with free-flow soft drinks, orange juice, and smoothies – HK$498

Set 2: Sharing starters, one main, unlimited dessert, with free-flow Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, Bloody Mary, house red or white wine, bottled beer, cider, soft drinks, smoothies, orange juice, coffee or tea – HK$598

The Pawn 
62 Johnston Road
Wan Chai

Tel: 2866 3444

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