The Top 10 Things To Do In Phi Phi Island

Though the island itself may be quite small, there are actually lots of things to do on Phi Phi Island to make the most of your time there. From activities during the day involving the sun and sand, to nighttime adventures involving fire shows and dancing on the beach, Phi Phi Island has something for everyone. After staying here for three days, and instantly regretting not spending more time on the island, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Phi Phi Island!

1. Lazing By The Beach

Since you are on an island surrounded by water and a beautiful beach, you should obviously take advantage of that by spending at least half a day soaking up the sun on the beach. There are tonnes of comfy beach chairs scattered along the beach; though they all belong to the restaurant/bar behind them, not all of these places will make you buy a drink to use their chairs (at least that was what I saw when we were there). Whether you’re nursing a hangover or are just wanting to relax and get a tan, spending some time on the beach is sure to make your day a little brighter!


2. Drinks, Drinks, and More Drinks

On Phi Phi Island, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, no one will judge you or think twice if you have a drink in your hand. So whether you’re on the beach sipping a fancy frozen daiquiri at 11:00 am or you’re dancing up a “sand”storm (I’m too clever, I know) and sloshing your beer all over yourself at 3:00 am, there’s never a bad time to have a drink!


3. Climbing Up To The Phi Phi Viewpoint

If you’ve read my earlier post on the viewpoint, you’ll know just how much I loved it. This was one of my favourite things I did on the island and I highly recommend you check it out. I’ve heard it’s best to either go up for the sunset or the sunrise, but unfortunately due to time constraints (more like partying constraints..), I couldn’t make it to either. Regardless, the views are worth every drop of sweat it takes to climb up!


4. Watch A Muay Thai Fight

Though I’ve been to Thailand before, I never managed to see a Muay Thai fight. Thankfully, I was in luck on Phi Phi! On one of the main little roads, tucked away in the corner, we spotted a “Reggae” bar with boxing paraphernalia all outside and when we peered our heads in to get a better look, there was an actual boxing ring in the middle.

They hold fights every night after 8:00 pm or so. The place gets pretty busy, so it’s smart to get there right on time. At first, there are two young boys (and I mean, young-young. Like, probably not legal in most other places in the world) who fight. Regardless of the fact that it is clearly staged, it was mildly uncomfortable watching what looks like two 12 year-olds “fighting”.  After their fight is over, it’s the audience’s turn! They ask two people from the audience to step into the ring and fight each other: the winner gets a free bucket of alcohol. Not the most enticing offer, but people did get up there. First we watched two guys fight and then two girls. I’m sure as the night goes on and peoples blood alcohol content rise, there are more volunteers and more dramatic matches.

IMG_2623 IMG_2595

5. Get Lost Wandering The Walkways

‘Cause this one is bound to happen. In the middle of Phi Phi Island, there seems to be hundreds of intersecting walkways with little shops, restaurants, and bars lining both sides, making it an interesting yet confusing experience to try to navigate your way from one place to the next. I suggest you set aside an hour or so and just get lost wandering all of the paths and try not to stay solely on the main ones – there are lots of hidden alleyways that house unexpected shops and little cafes.

IMG_2624 IMG_2626

6. Get Wet & Wild At A Pool Party

Pool parties are good fun. Period. And the pool party we went to at our hotel, Ibiza House, was just that and then some. Unlike Koh Phangan where the pool parties are during the night, Phi Phi has their pool parties during the day from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. Their pool party had amazing music from a DJ, delicious drinks and drinking games, tonnes of people, and best of all, it was absolutely free (though before we left the island I did see a sign for the next pool party being advertised for ฿200 with a free drink, so I’m not sure if the pricing has changed).


7. Go On An Island Hopping Tour

With plenty of options for island hopping tours on Phi Phi, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and your budget.  The majority of the tours begin in the afternoon and go until the sun sets. You’ll stop at places like Monkey Beach, Maya Bay (made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Beach), head into surreal lagoons, face your fear of heights by cliff jumping, swim with the fishes while snorkeling, and much more. You can read my last post on my Phi Phi Island Hopping Tour for more information.

IMG_3859 IMG_3913

8. Eat Lots Of Local Food

This is pretty much a common theme of mine when I’m on holidays. I’m a huge food-lover (just check out my Instagram) and I love trying new foods, especially at local restaurants where the food is usually guaranteed to be delicious, authentic, and cheap! Though Phi Phi is far from the cheapest and most authentic place I’ve traveled to in terms of food, there are quite a few spots around the island where you can get some tasty cheap eats.


9. Start Your Night With A Fire Show

Before the late night partying begins, you can chill out on the beach in a lounge cushion, drink in hand, while you watch a fire show. These fire shows are immensely popular throughout Thailand, so if you’ve done a bit of traveling already, it’s highly likely you’ve already seen a fire show (or five). Regardless, it’s a good way to start your night on the beach before the beats take over. Just don’t sit too close – you don’t want to accidentally become part of the show when the entertainer slips up…


10. Dance & Party ‘Till The Sun Comes Up

This is exactly what most people come here for, so you might as well join in! Personally, I found Koh Phi Phi to be a less crazy version of Koh Phangan, which I really liked. This island has the perfect mix of serene beauty and western partying. I didn’t find anything got too out of hand at night (unlike Koh Phangan) and there are quite a few different party options, depending on what you’re interested in. Dancing on the beach is where most people end up, but there are also numerous bars, clubs (if you would venture to call them that), live music venues, and rooftop hangouts to enjoy. In general, you can’t go too wrong on your nights out on Phi Phi Island.

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12 thoughts on “The Top 10 Things To Do In Phi Phi Island”

    1. Hi Fiona,

      I literally just had someone else ask me where I stayed. I can’t necessarily recommend it, but I stayed in Ibiza House Phi Phi in the crappy bunk dorm rooms, NOT the nice-looking villas that surround the pool (if you Google it). The dorms were pretty bad, but I was only there for two nights, so it was bearable. I chose it because it was cheap, had access to a pool, and was right by the beach. I honestly don’t know much about any other accommodation in Phi Phi – I do remember it being difficult to find something that was cheap, clean, and in a central location.
      Hope that helps and happy travels!

  1. Hey, So we are going on a spinsters trip to Thailand. We will be at Krabi for 2 Days and Phuket for 3 Days. Would you recommend to do phi phi instead of krabi? More keen on water sports and night beach parties. Where are these better?

  2. Hey,
    Im staying at Ao Nang for 2 nights, and see myself with just one day for island tour……. so would like to know which phi phi island tour shall i go for. Ill definitely opt for a private tour for me & my wife. So please suggest.

    After reading for reviews here, i want to stay upto late for partying on here….. any advice if i can still do so ???

  3. Hello. I recently came across your blog and it has been really helpful in planning my trip to Thailand in March! I’m looking to spend 4 nights in the southwestern islands, but can’t figure out where to base myself – Koh Phi Phi, Railay, Ao Nang, or Koh Lanta. I’m a photographer and love island hopping. How many nights did you spend in each location? Which was your favorite?

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      Hmm, it honestly depends what you’re looking for as they each offer something completely different. I think I spent two nights in Phi Phi, three nights in Ao Nang, four nights in Koh Lanta, and only a day trip to Railay. I can’t really say what my favourite was because they each offer something different. Phi Phi is great if you like to party (though it also has other great aspects like the viewpoint, beach, etc.) and Koh Lanta is pretty chilled but also has a fun nightlife if you know where to go. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ao Nang as I’m sure you can tell from reading my blog.
      Hope that helps and happy travels!

  4. Hey!

    Great post. Thank you for the information.

    I am visiting Krabi with my 2 friends next week. We land in Krabi on 11th and fly back on 13th 8.30 pm.
    How do you suggest we utilise our time to the maximum?
    I was thinking:
    1. Phi Phi Islands
    2. Island tour starting from Ao Phang
    3. Krabi town (last day)

    Please help 🙂

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      If you have a chance, read my other articles on Ao Nang/Krabi and Phi Phi. Given that you’re only there for two days, it might be difficult to fit Phi Phi Island into your schedule (unless of course you spend the two days there). Honestly just depends what you’re looking for! Phi Phi is a party island, so if that’s your scene, go there. Otherwise, stick to Ao Nang.

      Happy travels!

  5. Hi there! Since you’ve been to both Phi Phi island and Ko Lanta, you will probably be able to help me decide where to stay. I am planning a 6 night stay in one of the islands in November with my boyfriend. We aim to enjoy and relax on nice beaches during the day, snorkeling and padlleboarding and still have somewhere to go in the night for a drink. I had almost decided to opt for Ko Lanta however when i checked it with the street view the main street looked completely empty with no bars and barely some typical restaurants. I could not spot a single fancier place. Any suggestions? On the other hand from what i understand Phi Phi is all about partying through the whole day and we still want to relax and enjoy the beautiful views before doing a lond travelling to Chian Mai and Bangkok. So are there beaches on Phi Phi with no crazy parties all day long where you can just enjoy a drink or two and get some tan? I would really appreciate your opinion.

    1. Hi Stoyka,
      I would suggest you split up your time – three nights in Phi Phi and three nights in Koh Lanta, which is similar to what I did. I don’t think I’d want to spend six nights in only one place. Hope that helps!

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