Things To Do In Edinburgh – Princes Street

With no itinerary or plan in mind and given our limited amount of time in Edinburgh, we mainly just wandered about the city (and also went on a beautiful hike up Holyrood Park!), taking in all of the historically beautiful buildings and overpriced food and drink. There are many things to do in Edinburgh, but with only an hour left before our train departed, we aimlessly walked a bit further away from the city center and crossed the North Bridge to get to Princes Street just to see what was on the other side of the main city.

Happily, we came across some great views of the city from the other side of the bridge, and some interesting buildings and sculptures.

As you walk up to North Bridge, just past Market Street, you’ll see the Edinburgh Wheel, the Scott Monument, and the bungy dome just to your left – creating quite the juxtaposition.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge and made it onto Princes Street, you’ll be able to look across the railway station at some incredible views of the buildings that are lined up along Market Street.


Upon entering Princes Street Garden, you’ll first come across the David Livingstone Statue. He was a missionary sent to South Africa and discovered the Victoria Falls. Upon this discovery, he was awarded the Gold medal of the Royal Geographic Society when he returned. He ended up becoming an important explorer in Africa and would later discover Lake Nyasa.

Right behind the David Livingstone Statue, you’ll find it hard to miss the towering Scott Monument; created for the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott (it’s actually the world’s tallest monument commemorating a writer in the world at just over 200 ft !). The Scott Monument is eerily beautiful and is quite unique in comparison to its surroundings. In the middle of the monument, there is a statue of Walter Scott himself.


If you fancy a ride on the Edinburgh Observation Wheel, you can also find that in the Princes Street Garden. Though not quite as large as others around the world, I’m sure it would offer some fantastic panoramic views of the city.

Princes Street offers visitors a multitude of things to do and see. There really is something for everyone; history (and lots of it!), entertainment and fun, shopping, and so much more.


Every minute of my time in Edinburgh absolutely took my breath away – pictures just cannot do this incredible city justice!

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