TokyoLima: Casual Nikkei cuisine in Hong Kong

Having just been to Pici Pasta Bar, another of Pirata Group’s newest restaurants, I was keen to try their other new concept: TokyoLima. I heard rave reviews from friends who had tried their Nikkei cuisine (a blend of Japanese and Peruvian food), I was ready for an evening of strong cocktails, unique fusion dishes created by Peruvian Chef Arturo Melendez (formerly of Chicha), and great vibes. All of which TokyoLima delivered.

Vibe at TokyoLima

I walked through the front door to find the bar buzzing with people sipping on cocktails and happily chatting away. The dining area is quite large and has an open kitchen in the back with seating around it, while the decor is simple, dark, and modern. Don’t expect a quiet night at TokyoLima, as the restaurant was filled with loud conversations, plenty of laughter, and all-around fun vibes.


La Causa (HK$140)
Hamachi & Maguro (HK$130)
“Ki-mo-chi” Fried Chicken (HK$110)

We began our meal with Chef Melendez’s take on a traditional Peruvian terrine: La Causa (HK$140). This dish came with three small separate bowls each with a beetroot causa, prawn tartar, and charred avocado with prawn tempura on top. I loved the texture of the causa (similar to dense mashed potatoes), and the light flavors of these ingredients complimented each other incredibly well. Moving into the ‘raw and seared’ section of the menu, we settled with the Hamachi & Maguro (HK$130). The soyu citrus amplified the flavour of the fresh fish in this tiradito dish; both a light and satisfying starter. Though we may have had a relatively healthy start, that changed when we were recommended the “Ki-mo-chi” Fried Chicken (HK$110) by our waiter.  The karaage chicken thighs were great on their own and even better dunked into the spicy soy tare sauce.


T-3 Salad (HK$120)
Portobello & Nasu Sticks (HK$80)
Tacu Tacu (HK$210)

Though the T-3 Salad (HK$120) was under the ‘small plates’ section, this triple textured mountain of veg was anything but tiny. Piled high with pumpkin, mixed leaves, grilled fennel, tomatoes, glass noodles, and poached quail eggs, all lightly tossed in a nikkei dressing, this was an easy favourite. From the ‘sticks’ section of the menu, we tried the Portobello & Nasu Sticks (HK$80). The combination of grilled portobello mushroom, eggplant, miso mayo, charred leek, and pickled ginger may not have looked great after we mixed everything in the bowl (you’re not meant to eat them off the sticks!), but it sure did taste good. To wrap things up, we tried the popular Tacu Tacu (HK$210) dish, which had a great variation in textures thanks to the chewy Peruvian rice and veg “pancake”, the crunchy stir-fried snow beans, and the red and yellow peppers. While I loved the flavours present, this dish was a bit oily at the bottom.


Green Tea Tiramisu (HK$80)
Cheesecake (HK$85)
Oye Papi (HK$110)

Our waiter recommended the Green Tea Tiramisu (HK$80), which was moist and lovely to look at, but I found the matcha flavor was too dull. TokyoLima’s Cheesecake (HK$85) was more of a deconstructed cheesecake with guava coulis, raspberry sorbet, and crumble at the bottom. Though my true love will always be a New York cheesecake, I did enjoy Chef Melendez’s version. The comically named Oye Papi (HK$110) was specifically meant “for choco lovers”, so we of course had to try it. While I wasn’t such a fan of the plating, the chocolate ice cream, brownie, and mousse were all good, but could be a bit more rich.


TokyoLima’s buzzing atmosphere is a great place to go if you’re looking for a fun night of cocktails and food. The drinks were solid (order the Smoking Gun if you like negronis), and the vibe was excellent. While I’m no expert on Japanese or Peruvian food, I really liked the nikkei cuisine here (though I’d potentially pass on dessert, and instead try more savory dishes).

G/F Car Po Commercial Building
18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace

Tel: 2811 1152

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