Touring The Temples In Chiang Mai

I have seen my share of beautiful temples when travelling South East Asia, so when I was in Chiang Mai I figured renting bicycles for the day and exploring the many temples found around the Old City would be a good day spent. I have always been fascinated by the intricate detail and effort that went into the construction of these temples. Chiang Mai offers its visitors an impressive array of Buddhist temples; some looking quite different than the temples I saw when I traveled to Bangkok a few years back. Grab a map, a bike, your camera, and you’re good to go and check out the temples in Chiang Mai!


Below is a list of some of my favourite temples that I went to while I was in Chiang Mai. I tried my best to remember the names of each temple, however some of them I just stumbled upon and couldn’t find the name. If you know the names of any of them, let me know!


Β Wat Suan Dok

This was by far my favourite temple that I saw in Chiang Mai!

Photo 3-4-15 1 47 51 pm (3)


Wat BuppharamIMG_4073 IMG_4084 IMG_4111


Wat Chedi Luang

IMG_4162 IMG_4169 IMG_4185


Wat Mahawan



Wat Chiang Man

IMG_4192 IMG_4199 IMG_4202 IMG_4223


Nameless Temples & Interesting Finds

IMG_4106 IMG_4125 IMG_4135 IMG_4153 IMG_4176 IMG_4181 Photo 3-4-15 1 25 10 pm

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