The Venetian Macau

When I asked friends and coworkers about The Venetian Macau, they all talked about how impressive it was in all regards. Under one roof, you’ll find just about everything you could ever imagine, all with an interesting contrast to each other. I was not at all prepared for just how massively massive and all encompassing this hotel/mall/casino/restaurant/Venice look-alike could be. Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t travel to Taipa to take a walk through or spend a night in (if you’re willing to throw some serious bills down) the Venetian Macau.


The Venetian Macau has just about everything (the word bored does not exist here) from the moment you step foot inside to the moment you stumble out, there is something going on.

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars shopping at stuffy designer stores for unnecessary items that you really don’t need and probably can’t really afford. Be prepared to get lost in the maze of shops for hours on end. Finding a map of The Venetian Macau will save your sanity.

If shopping doesn’t do it for you then you can gamble all your money away with the false hope you’ll actually win something. Don’t be coaxed into spending more than your means by the free drinks (which are sadly surprisingly hard to get from the staff). Get out of there while you can a) still walk in a straight line and b) do not need to crawl to the ferry terminal because you cleaned your wallet out.

Can’t afford a trip to Italy any time soon? Don’t worry, neither can I. Luckily for us the masterminds behind The Venetian Macau built a replica of Venice right inside. You can stroll along the river while window shopping and admiring all the European-esque fake buildings. You can impress your date or give in to your whining kids by taking a ride down the river in a gondola (for a pretty penny).

The Venetian Macau offers plenty of restaurant choices, including a food court if you’re looking to save a buck or two and put it in a slot machine instead. There are also plenty of shows (concerts, MMA fights, comedy acts, exhibitions, etc) you can attend throughout the year.

So, if you ever find yourself in Macau, be sure to head over to The Venetian to experience an incredibly Westernized/Las Vegas-y/European atmosphere of China (minus the hoards of Mainlanders everywhere you turn).



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