Get Your Gluttony On At The W Hotel Buffet, Hong Kong

A weekend in Hong Kong just wouldn’t be a weekend if you didn’t choose to gorge yourself during one of the days. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of breakfast, brunch, or lunch options in Hong Kong. However, if you’re in the mood to take your weekend eating to a whole other level, the W Hotel Buffet at the Kitchen restaurant is where you ought to go. Not only is the restaurant itself refreshingly spacious with its large seating area and views over the harbour, but the plethora of food on offer might be slightly overwhelming for those who lack serious self-control when it comes to food (AKA me).

Kitchen at the W Hotel in Kowloon is known for its lavish buffet meals; breakfast, Sunday brunch, lunch, and dinner, they’ve got you covered. Kitchen is definitely a great venue to go to if you have friends or family visiting, are celebrating an event, or if you just want a fun family and/or friend get-together.

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The Food

The buffet area is comprised of various stations and is sure to satisfy most of your cuisine cravings, though the food is predominately catered to more of a Western-style taste.


There is a good selection of pre-made salads along with a DIY salad station, soup, fresh bread (though, let’s be real here, eating bread at a buffet is a #1 no-no), and a raw seafood section. All of the items are high quality and could have been a meal in and of itself (I definitely had multiple helpings of the smoked salmon!).

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There are plenty of hot dishes (think various roasts, a carving station, pasta, pizza, fish and chips, dim sum, and a make your own noodle dish area) as well as a dedicated sushi section. The highlights for me were the sausage, char siu, sweet and spicy pork, and (rather embarrassingly – try not to judge me too harshly!) the thick-cut french fries.

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At this point, it’s likely you’ll be incapable of walking normally and you’ll have to waddle around with your protruding beyond-full gut. It’s okay though, no one judges you at a buffet, so go on and waddle your big belly over to the massive dessert section where you can have a taste of almost any treat you can think of. Have your pick of various cakes, brownies (to die for!), pudding, chocolates, and fruits. Oh, and you can’t forget the Häagen-Dazs ice cream station, which is almost too good to be true.

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If all of this food still, somehow, wasn’t enough for your bottomless pit of a stomach, then you can always have one final indulgence at the candy table before you leave. Ingeniously equipped with take-out baggies (though not nearly large enough, in my fat opinion), you can fill a bag up with goodies before you leave. There were sour raspberries, gummy worms, peach rings, marshmallow bananas, and more.


Kitchen at the W Hotel is one of the better buffets I’ve been to in Hong Kong. There is a massive assortment of food, which is great for organizing an event as there are enough options to please everyone. As well, because of the wide selection of food, it’s actually probably best that you don’t like every item available.. I’m sure your stomach will thank you later. Plus, on Saturday’s, you can add $150 for free-flow bubbles (perhaps a much better valued option than their Sunday brunch), which is an absolute steal in terms of overall value! Heading to Kitchen on a Saturday for their lunch buffet is a big thumbs up! 

Price Tag

Saturday lunch: 12:00 – 2:30 pm  /  $368 HKD + $150 for free-flow sparkling wine
Sunday brunch: 12:00 – 3:00  /  $798 HKD (includes free-flow wine, champagne, and beer)


Kitchen @ W Hotel 
1 Austin Road, Kowloon Station
Kowloon, Hong Kong 


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