What To Eat In Jiufen, Taiwan

If you’ve been following my adventures in Taiwan or if you’ve been yourself, you know that there is no shortage of delicious food. Thanks to Jiufen’s street food and because of its picturesque views from the quaint streets and tea houses, Jiufen is a popular tourist destination in Taiwan. I would recommend arriving to Jiufen with a list of all the food you want to try along Jiufen Old Street so that you don’t end up wandering around for hours on end with the other throngs of visitors. Here’s a list of some of the street food you’ll find if you’re wondering what to eat in Jiufen, Taiwan.

What to eat in Jiufen

what to eat in jiufen
Entrance into Jiufen Old Street

The entrance into Jiufen Old Street is about 5 minutes from where the bus drops you off. You’ll see a tonne of people crowded around the entrance to an alleyway; this is Jiufen Old Street.

A-Zhu Peanut Ice Cream Wrap

what to eat in jiufen 4

Though peanut ice cream wraps are a popular snack found in many night markets in Taipei, this specific stand in Jiufen is well known. You can’t miss it while walking down the street; it’s a large stall with bright signs and pictures on the walls. Watch them put shaved peanut, taro ice cream, and cilantro on top of popiah skin and wrap it all up like a burrito for NT$45.

Hot or Cold Sweet Taro Ball Soup

what to eat in jiufen 3 what to eat in jiufen 5

This is one of Jiufen’s specialties and a definite must-try while you’re there. There are plenty of stalls along Jiufen Old Street that sell these delicious bowls of hot or cold taro ball soup, but I would recommend finding one that has seating in the back of their shop, overlooking the buildings and mountains beyond. Prices range from NT$35 – $60 and include delicious homemade glutinous taro balls, sweet potato, and red beans (though there are other variations as well).

Tea Eggs

what to eat in jiufen 6

It’s no surprise that Jiufen also sells an assortment of tea eggs, as they’re a very popular street snack throughout Taipei. Fresh eggs are boiled in a strong tea with a mix of spices, and once cracked open they almost look like a tie dye shirt (minus the bright colors). Tea eggs are a perfect snack for when you’re on the go, though it can be a bit of an acquired taste.

How To Get To Jiufen From Taipei

For more information, check out my detailed guide on the two different ways to get to Jiufen: 1. Train to Ruifang and then bus to Jiufen, or 2. Bus straight to Jiufen from Taipei City.


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  1. Super helpful! My friend and I plan on being in Taiwan for a day and a half and were going to take the bus to Juifen when we arrived. Would one easily spend an entire day here? The next day we were considering going to the Cat Village and then back to Taipei and checking out some top 10 things you suggested

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