Where To Find The “I Amsterdam” Letters

If you’re a tourist visiting Amsterdam, there’s no doubt that you want a photo in front of the iconic I Amsterdam letters to show all your friends how well traveled and cultured you are, right?! One problem: where exactly in Amsterdam are these letters located?

Look no further than the Rijksmuseum, a national museum located in Museum Square, South of Amsterdam. The museum is right by the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. Behind the Rijksmuseum is where the first I Amsterdam sculpture was erected. Since then, an additional set of letters was placed in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.



Apparently these letters travel throughout Amsterdam, showing up at various events and exhibitions, so you might want to double check the location before heading out on an across-the-city adventure to find them. Though, let’s be honest, Amsterdam isn’t that big. You can make it from one end of the city to the other on a bicycle in about 20 minutes.

On a nice, warm summers day this area will be absolutely packed with tourists trying to take their photograph with the sculpture. However, we went there on a cloudy evening and it was quite desolate. Though the weather wasn’t ideal for picture-taking, I did appreciate that there weren’t ten other tourists in my photos.

You can bring some food and drink, and sit on the grass further back and people watch for a bit before going to explore the surrounding museums.



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6 thoughts on “Where To Find The “I Amsterdam” Letters”

  1. Amsterdam city is wonderful tourist destination for hangouts..
    Amsterdam city is popular for top class museums, nightlife and how can you forget to say about Tulips..
    I had gone to Amsterdam for our Amsterdam museum tour which took place for 2 days and after that we had gone for 3 days Amsterdam city tour – exploring many Amsterdam tourist attractions.

  2. Hi do i have to purchase tickets for museum to see the letters? Or can it be done without taking an entry ticket? Also, how much does it cost to travel by gvb? Also, is a HOHO cruise better or a bus? Thanks much

    1. Nope – just walk right under the museum (you don’t need to go inside!).
      I can’t remember how much travel was (I know it wasn’t cheap) and I never did a bus tour, so I really can’t say which is better. Sorry, wish I could be more helpful!

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