Zuma Hong Kong Brunch: Japanese food & bottomless champagne

Zuma Hong Kong has established themselves as a go-to brunch spot for people looking to dine on delicious Japanese food and drink bottomless glasses of champagne. Surprisingly, it took me six years of living in this city before I finally made it to Zuma’s weekend brunch. Although the price tag isn’t cheap, it’s a good brunch option when friends are in town, you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to get together with your friends and drink and eat loads!

Vibe at Zuma Hong Kong Brunch

I went to the earlier seating at 11:00 am and, I’ll be honest, there wasn’t much of a vibe. There were only a few other tables with people at them and there were a few kids there (I don’t know about you, but free-flow champagne and children just don’t mix for me), so it was more of a subdued atmosphere. That being said, when we were leaving at 1:00 pm, it was becoming much busier (unfortunately, there are only two seating times for brunch: 11:00 am and 1:00 pm), so I would highly recommend the later time slot. As for the service, it was fantastic. I can’t remember the name of our waiter, but he was so unbelievably kind and sweet – it was hilariously refreshing given Hong Kong’s usual poor customer service.


Zuma has recently partnered with Ruinart Champagne, so if you opt for the free-fow package (and why wouldn’t you?!), then you can enjoy glass after glass. If champagne isn’t your thing, there’s always the option of wine.


Be sure to wear your stretchy pants because there is literally tonnes of food at Zuma’s brunch. Start with the buffet counters where you’ll find a wide range of Japanese delights. From noodles to skewers and sushi to tempura, there is almost too much choice here. Everything I tried from the buffet was delicious, as expected, though I do wish there were signs in front of the food so I knew exactly what I was putting on my plate.

After we were done pigging out on the buffet, a plate of grilled main course samplers of salmon, scallops, mushroom, asparagus, chicken, and beef came to our table. I especially liked the tender chicken and juicy beef.

To finish up, the most beautiful dessert platter came to our table. Although at this point I basically had no room left in my stomach for anymore food. The homemade ice cream (vanilla and ube) was hands-down my favorite, but the cakes were a miss.


If you’re looking for a good Japanese brunch in a more upscale setting, check out Zuma. While I really liked the food and thought the service was fantastic, I wasn’t feeling the earlier seating time and found it to be a bit of a shame that you only have your table for two hours given the price of the brunch.

Zuma Hong Kong 
6/F Landmark 
15 Queen’s Road

Tel: 3657 6388

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