Who is thisgirlabroad?

thisgirlabroad is a Canadian living, working, and eating her way through Hong Kong without any plans to slow down.

When she’s not busy working full time, she writes for The HK Hub and foodie magazine, and consumes far too much crunchy peanut butter.

Here you’ll find her worldwide travels, restaurant reviews based in Hong Kong, and day-to-day encounters as a former suburban girl now living in a concrete jungle.

Read about why she packed up her Canadian life and moved to Hong Kong here.

Welcome to life as an expat in Asia.


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57 thoughts on “Who is thisgirlabroad?”

      1. Yes! I miss being able to read the label (or even just kind decipher the photo..thanks China) and the corner store having things like milk, twix bars, and dirty gossip magazines. That’s all a girl really needs in life right?

    1. Hi Linda, thanks! Glad you enjoy my blog 🙂
      I’m in my mid-20s; some days I feel a lot older and others, a lot younger.
      Looking forward to reading more of your interesting posts on China and travel!

        1. This is my second year teaching in Hong Kong. Will you be working at an International School or a local school teaching English? I work at an International School, and from what I’ve heard people have had very different experiences in each situation. Though I’m sure it’s really all person-specific – you need to make the most and the best out of it.
          I’m sure everything will work out! Teaching in Asia has been a life-changing experience for me. Just remember to stay optimistic and passionate on a daily basis and you’ll be fine!

          1. Hmm, a bit hard to say at the moment. Definitely one more year. Probably a few more after that. Really just taking it year by year, month by month. There’s not much of a job market back in Canada, so I wouldn’t be heading back to full time employment, anyway. Plus, I have fallen in love with Hong Kong and everything this city has to offer – would be a bit difficult making the transition back to suburban life. I am also seeing someone who lives and works in Guangzhou, so that’s obviously a factor I need to consider as well.

            Lots to think about!

  1. Dear Rosalie and Linda,

    I really do like both your blogs and its very interesting to read about the daily hustle and bustle of life in Asia.

    My goal for the future is to become Mandarin fluent in some way. I know its not going to be easy, but it is possible for sure.

    I do miss my friends a lot and hope to see them real soon.

    Wishing you all the best.

    1. That I am! Nice to come across someone with similar roots! Been in HK for awhile?

      Yep – night and day, really. Born and raised just north of Toronto. Definitely miss some things from back home, but I think Hong Kong more than makes up for it in many ways.

      Thanks – likewise! Love your photos. I really need to read through the user guide for my camera to put and put it to better use!

      1. I’m in Hong Kong for the majority of the year, as my wife lives and works here. But I work for a Canadian company, so when here I work remotely. Luckily my field (IT related) affords me that luxury. I’ll be heading back for a few months next April. Christmas and especially Chinese New Year here in HK is great! Such a busy time in the city.

  2. Just stopping by and thanks for following my blog! I hope you’re enjoying your stay in Hong Kong – it is quite a decent place and the foodddd… Also, I enjoy reading different sections of your blog, it reminds me of some warm memories. 🙂

  3. Hi there!

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I’ve recently moved from Australia to Paris and I am enjoying experiencing life over the other side of the world as I imagine you are too.

    Your ‘just an average day in Hong Kong’ section made me laugh! I have those moments in France all the time.

    I would love for you to check out my blog if you had some spare time

    1. Thanks so much!!
      I actually travelled to Paris for the first time this summer. There was a lot I liked and a lot that I was taken aback by, as I’m sure you were when you first arrived.
      I’ll definitely check your blog out! 🙂

  4. A long long time ago – when Craig was about 5 – I was an SA expat living and working in Hong Kong and I see things haven’t changed that much! Especially the average day in Hong Kong – laughed a lot looking through your posts. There used to be a book that was published – called something like Only in Hong Kong – that was full of stories of how quirky it is there. We are hoping to bring Jack to visit his cousin Craig in Hong Kong in June next year and perhaps we will get to meet you as well.
    Carrying on blogging and travelling and having fun!
    Lisa (Craig’s favourite aunt)

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Such a small world, isn’t it! Maybe I should write an updated version of that book – HK is such an interesting place to live!
      Would love to meet you and your family if you come over to Hong Kong 🙂
      Take care and all the best!

  5. Hello!

    Why do you hate China so much?

    I visited Hong Kong a year ago for the first time with a layover in Beijing. It was not long enough to leave the airport, but something got mixed up and our bags ended up on the conveyor belt so we had to go through customs to retrieve them. It was somewhat of a nightmare getting through that, especially since we didn’t have a visa. They eventually let us through. I found that even in the airport in Beijing you could tell you had stepped into a different world. I didn’t like it much at the time, but I’m still fascinated by China and I’m planning a trip there this summer. Of course, I will be traveling to Hong Kong while in Asia too. 🙂 So, what would you say are the pros and cons to traveling in China? There must be some positives.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Sorry for the incredibly late reply! All of the reasons why I’m not a fan of China (or at least the places I’ve visited) are written in my posts about China: http://thisgirlabroad.com/guangzhou-china/ and http://thisgirlabroad.com/oddities-of-the-mainland-and-how-they-can-help-you-appreciate-hong-kong/. I’d still like to do a bit of travelling throughout China – Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an – at some point though. Hopefully it won’t be as bad.

      Hope you’re enjoying your travels throughout Asia!

  6. Hi, Just seen your blog, it is amazing and I hope one day my blog can be like yours 🙂 I have a blog at http://travl2hk.blogspot.co.uk/ promoting Hong Kong tourist attractions and businesses. I only started a few days ago and posted nearly 30 articles on tourist attractions and travel tips. So far its going well with average 300 views a day with a large majority of it from America, UK and Hong Kong. Also there is increasing amounts from countries like France and Sweden. Hope to work with you in the future and feel free to check out my blog 🙂


  7. Hey, you have shared interesting facts about the 4 island tour from Krabi. I think I am going to pass this tour.

    However I am keen to visit Koh Lanta 4 island tour, I am in Krabi (Aonang beach) for 3 days. I will try if can get this tour from Krabi.
    We are planning to visit Phi Phi island on the way to Patong, Phuket where I will be staying for 2 days.
    Any suggestions!

    1. Hi there,
      Phi Phi is beautiful, but is filled with young tourists and lots of western amenities. If you like a good party, it’s a great place to go for a few days. The beaches are also beautiful.
      I’ve also been to Patong – it definitely suits a particular taste. Patong is very seedy, especially Bangla Road. I would suggest doing a bit of research to know what you’re getting yourself into before you head there!
      Enjoy your travels! 🙂

  8. Hi there, I love your blog! Very informative and fun.

    I have a couple of random questions haha. How did you go about setting up a cell phone and plan once arriving in Hong Kong, so that you were able to use it there, and what was the cost like?

    Also, regarding accommodation, were you able to find an apartment with other expats or are more than one room apartments hard to come by? I am just curious about how difficult it would be to find somewhere decent with a price that’s not quite astronomical, and I would much prefer to live with someone than alone.

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Mackenzie,
      Thanks so much! 🙂
      Cell phones – there are a few major companies in HK. I just went to some of their outlets and spoke with the service reps there to see which company offered the best plan. It’s really quite simple. Not sure where you’re from, but it’s much cheaper in HK than Canada.
      It’s really quite easy finding flatshares if you’re wanting to save some money and don’t mind living with “strangers”. I actually have a room in my flat that will be free shortly, so depending on when you move to HK, feel free to send me a personal email to check it out/ask any other questions you may have – thisgirlabroad@gmail.com
      Good luck with everything!

  9. Ok so this is where a freind who has followed for ages has sent me.

    Ill be quick and brief as many may message you.
    Im an ex special forces soldier (Aussie). 13 years. I got shot seven times just have my lord to thank.

    All healed i want to go to somewhere in se asia to teach english. I have not found a school here in oz yet to get accreditation.

    Im fluent in russian and arabic/pashtu. So i think its a matter of finding the right company. My main question is how do you know where is good to worknor not to work inse Asia.

    I hope that this is not to complex a question
    Any direction from you and your fellow bloggers

    1. Hi Ryder,
      I honestly don’t think I am able to help you. HK is the only place in SE Asia I’ve actually lived and worked, so it would be difficult for me to compare countries. I’m sure you would be able to go to most SE Asian countries to teach English. Try looking it up on the Internet and reading some personal stories and/or gathering more information about teaching English in different countries.

  10. Great stuff. I’m moving from Texas to HK in 5 weeks and found all your stuff really useful. Since the move would be a long term commitment, it was a big decision and your blog really helped out.

  11. Any Chinese food recommendations? I looked at the various locations you listed that I may go to but it seems to be mostly western food.

    1. Hi Maxine!
      Ha, yes – most of the restaurants I go to here are either western or are an Asian fusion of some sort. If you’re looking for local food, my recommendations are: Tim Ho Wan, Dimdimsum Dim Sum, Lan Fong Yuen, Chau Kee, Sun Hing Restaurant, Ma Sa Restaurant, Auntie Sweet for dessert, and Master Low-key Food Shop for the best waffles + peanut butter + condensed milk you’ll ever have.
      Happy eating!

  12. My husband and I have been debating on going to Hong Kong/China for quite some time now, so I’m glad I found your page to be able to follow along and help decide if it’s a place for us to visit!!


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